Zen Boxing: Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ, Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defence in Mt Barker.

"Discover How You Too Can Protect Yourself From ANY Physical and Emotional Harm in just 90 Days, Training as little as Once Every Few Weeks. Results are 100% Guaranteed, or You Training is FREE."

  • Created for busy people: Get impressive Martial Arts skills for the ring and personal protection in just three months while training as little as once every couple of weeks.
  • No gimmicks system: Learn simple and practical system as taught to professional MMA athletes, police, military and security personnel who don't have time for gimmicks.
  • Safe and Ego Free Zone: Positive, supportive and safe environment for private and small groups training free of aggressive competition, macho behaviour and ego attitudes.

Get impressive Martial Arts skills, stronger, leaner and tougher body plus get rid of any fears, insecurities, and anxiety by discovering little-known secrets of physical strength, mental toughness and emotional resilience of professional Boxing and Mixed Martial Art athletes.

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Feedback from Zen Boxing clients:

  • Civil engineer
  • Bank manager
  • general builder
  • police officer
  • High school teacher

If you're looking for a Mind Body Soul connection in life, I highly recommend tuition by Tony. The one on one sessions are specially tailored to each individual depending on desired outcomes. Group session sizes are small, so you still get personalised training. I find that the concepts and skills learned go beyond just punching and kicking, but they resonate throughout all aspects of life. In the 6 weeks since I started, there have been improvements in my health, fitness and mental state, as well as relations at home with my family as well as with people interactions throughout the days. If you feel like you need more out of life, this place will definitely help you find it.

Phil Medic
Civil Engineer

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Is Zen Boxing right for you? Here's how to tell:

Some companies and individuals who are simply not a good fit with Zen Boxing. Consider following suggestions if you would like to learn more about this unique system of developing mental and physical toughness in a very short time using the non-traditional approach to training Boxing, Muay Thai Kick boxing, Wrestling, BJJ or MMA:

No gimmicks Quality coaching :

Anyone can make you sweat by spending hours punching and kicking pads, drilling combinations on the heavy bag or throwing you into the ring just to spar ego driven aggressive opponents.

Such training often leads to frustrations and takes a very long time for you to develop any practical skills.

This is why over 12 years was spent on testing and modifying traditional methods of coaching boxing, Muay Thai and self-defence to develop a highly unique program designed to be very flexible in order to match your individual skills, abilities and circumstances.

More than $160,000 was invested in seminars, courses, books and research to make Zen Boxing simple, practical and easy to learn martial arts system that can be mastered quickly using modern, accelerated approach to acquire new skills (getting you results quickly and keeping them for life).


If investing in high-quality coaching without gimmicks is not important to you, and you have an abundance of free time for trial and error experiments with different schools and martial arts systems then you are most probably not a good fit.

Proven system:

Do you feel like you constantly have to prove yourself to the experts you hire?

There is no need for it here...

The reason Zen Boxing clients are able to get new skills for mental and physical toughness in just a few short months while training once or twice a fortnight is due to the great system we follow every time.

Obviously, you and your goals are unique, and the system is designed to get you results quickly by customising your training to fit your schedule, match your preferred learning style as well as compliment your physical and mental abilities.

While we are open to suggestions and feedback, but it's important to know that we do not accept clients who think that they already know it all and not willing to learn using non-traditional methods of training.

New possibilities:

We work hard to make training relevant, practical, challenging and exciting by mixing things up.

Just like other Zen Boxing clients, you too can expect that such training will also create new breakthroughs in your life, significantly increase your physical strength, improve your mental health and of course take your martial arts and self-defence skills and abilities to whole new level.


If you feel that your current skills and your life are as good as they are ever going to get and you are not even willing to consider new possibilities of what else your body and your mind are capable of achieving, then Zen Boxing is not for you.

Its amazing great way to stay in shape and learn to defend yourself and have fun at the same time. As a professional wrestler for over 8 years its stepping into a whole new world and I strongly recommend Zen Boxing to anyone who is looking to better themselves.

Jake Curtis
Pro Wrestler

I've been training for three weeks and already I have noticed a positive difference in my life both mentally and physically. I feel very empowered. Tony is a great instructor and teacher. Such a great, friendly environment with great people. I highly recommend this!

Luke Piper

Tony is just simply amazing. He has a way of pushing you without knowing he's pushing you. I've learned so much... Would recommend him to anyone. Great work Tony!!

Chloe Gruden
Sales Rep

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Discover if Zen Boxing is the best place for you to achieve your physical, mental and emotional goals fast.


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